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NEWS: Beckersphere listed - Travel and Leisure Magazine's Top A List Agent - 2014

Divers glimpse secrets of outer Reef | Featured in Cairns Post

Our mission takes shape in the crafting of unique itineraries involving diving and adventuring in the world's most spectacular and pristine places. We are dedicated to extremely high standards of service for any comfort level, and we are powered by over 30 years of travel and adventure industry experience. Our itineraries encompass everything from camping and backpacking to the most deluxe resort offerings and city stay options; all backed by a sense of personal service and reliability that is professional and consistent.

Robert Becker has worked in the travel industry since 1985 and has been listed with Travel and Leisure Magazine's Top A List Agents (2014, 2013, 2008) as well as Travel Agent Magazine's 25 Top Agents (2009). He is a PADI certified Divemaster and an experienced backcountry survivalist. He has hiked and camped and dived on 7 continents and is constantly visiting new and developing destinations and fleshing out ideas for responsible, reliable tourism in the world's beautiful open spaces and waters. He is multi-faceted and multi-lingual and maintains homes in outside Lake Placid New York, and in Oakland California. He has strong connections in the travel, adventure, and diving industries. He is also a talented multi-instrumental musician and was recognized by the Recording Industry Association of America for his work playing piano for the Arizona based Gin Blossoms in the early 1990s

Support and infrastructure

The Beckersphere support team at Protravel Active Adventures is a highly trained and talented group who provide all accounting and clerical functions within a corporate framework allowing for individualized client details and profile maintenance, corporate reporting for research and institutional groups or individuals, and back office systems to provide backup and reliable cost effective solutions to address specific client needs. Our accounting and communications systems are secure and confidential and our technical team assists in designing presentation layouts, as well as promotional packaging based on specific client requirements.