I dont know why, but even after all these years of travelling, the airport still represents to me, an often barely surmountable hurdle in getting myself into the water, onto the trail, out on the road; wherever…… Is it the ever changing airport experience as we know it or is it the fact that I am often saddled with various items of clothing and equipment that I feel are required for a 2 week trip to go dive somewhere reasonably to fairly exotic?

We all have our crosses to bear;  you golfers manage to stoically lug those clubs from Florida to Scotland to Australia and back again; how many times do I see the big garage windows of the outsize baggage claim disgorge surfboards, bicycles, skiing equipment at airports around the globe? We seem to drag what we know works well for us to the ends of the earth to experience our favorite activities in so many destinations, and the one common experience to all of these itineraries usually involves the airport.

These days; I want to show up early, you never know – you could get that emergency exit window seat with extra legroom on an 8 hour flight; you might get the upgrade if youre first on that precious list.  And I want to have time to grab a bite of something fresh to munch on, lets face it, even on airlines that offer meal service for sale; the food isnt what most of us would prepare at home (or at least we hope it wouldn’t turn out like it does at 37000 feet). Most of all I want to be sure I have packed well, have what I need for the flight; checked my equipment and luggage in time for it to make the plane, and then daydream of the destination itself and the cares I wish to slip away from in visiting it. Will I be trudging through lowland jungles in my trusty hikers or will I be effortlessly suspended over a tropical coral reef somewhere? I prepare myself to be dazzled and surprised and often in ways I would not necessarily expect.

Therein itself lies the beauty and the art of travel; a way for us to peel away the layers of the world’s onion, and only now and then to slip away from our every day mundane cares, and see it in all its perfect beauty.

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