Somebody this weekend asked me about the best season to go diving. Here in the temperate latitudes of the east coast of the United States; a lot of people think of winter as the traditional season to take a warm weather holiday, and surely it is a time of year when warm sun is most craved and welcomed. But any glimpse at the surface of the globe tells us that its always that warm perfect season somewhere. The northern summer also brings the best conditions and weather to so many destinations around the world it is impossible to name them all. I have dived in Indonesia at the height of July in absolutely perfect conditions, and I have dived in Brazil during May also with fabulous conditions and great weather. Thats the thing about diving and adventuring; intrepid divers and adventurers the world over are always seeking that wonderful place, that state of mind, that breathtaking setting. The reality is that it exists almost anywhere on the planet at any given time. With careful planning and plotting, its ridiculously easy to plan and execute unforgettable itineraries in so many of the world’s pristine places.
So, if youre stuck for ideas on where to dive or adventure in any season, drop us a note and let us know your ultimate fantasy.
We love a good challenge!

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